Mehlsilo / silo for flour

Silos for industry

For over 7 decades the flexible KRAUSE silos have been a guarantor for an optimal bulk material storage. KRAUSE offers economical storage solutuions for bulk materials in a wide variety of sectors: Plastics, foods, EPS, building materials, recycling, foundries, wooden pellets … 

The flexible KRAUSE silos are custom-made in a square or rectangular design, so we can find the right storage solution for every room!  

We will gladly advise you on the selcetion of a suitable flexible KRAUSE silo for your application.


  • standard sizes and customized production

  • flexibility in design up to 70 to

  • short delivery time

  • quick and easy assembly

  • long-term use, durable

  • simple handling

  • low weight and compact packing dimensions (transport, assembly)

  • wide range of accessories from indicator to discharge technology 
  • optimum flow-out properties

  • flexible silo walls against bridging

  • breathable fabric against formation of condensation

  • coated high-tech fabric for special applications

  • corrosion-free

  • silo fabric is safe for foods

  • antistatic fabric 

  • silos with filter lid against dust formation during filling

Our high-tech fabrics with various finishes and coatings are continuously refined in a customer-oriented manner and are optimized for your bulk goods.  

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